DIX M.Flex – Semi-automatic MIG/MAG welding at the highest level

With the M.Flex, DINSE is launching a stationary mounted torch set with a particularly high deposition rate. It is used wherever steel, aluminum, nickel base alloys, cored wire or large material thicknesses are welded. This makes M.Flex particularly suitable for On- / Offshore, steel and pipeline construction as well as mechanical engineering and plant construction.

Furthermore it is ideal for welding tractors, cladding and longitudinal welding.

For the new M.Flex with dual circuit water cooling only high quality consumables designed for robot welding. These performance optimised consumables have the following advantages: Durable under high temperatures, they increase the deposition rate, allowing welding with longer stick-out, extending the service life and reducing maintenance costs.

The M.Flex offers a high degree of flexibility: Whether pluggable, srewable or with cooling jacket, the gas nozzles can be replaced easily and quickly when needed. The cooling jacket with separately mounted gas nozzle ensures a calm gas flow, a stable weld pool and a perfect gas coverage.

The gas supply of DINSE torches is well thought-out. The shield gas is guided separately through the torch set to the gas nozzle. By connective small holes in the tip adapter to the channel of the liner, shield gas is pressed into the conduit hose. This prevents air (oxygen and nitrogen) from being drawn into the inner gas nozzle by the injector effect. The best condition for a superior gas shield and a perfect welding result.

Another plus: Whether standard or pulse welding – the M.Flex guarantees the same performance data.

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